Excelpaces conducts MRCP PACES course as a no profit course and is rated to be of the highest standard. It is designed  to provide an opportunity for aspiring MRCP candidates from all over the world and is tutored by skilled MRCP teachers from UK and Asian countries. The MRCP PACES course at ExcelPaces will be a complete intensive revision course for 4 days structured along the lines of the current adult PACES exam. All the PACES stations: 1,2,3,4 and 5 are covered during the course  with a Mock Exam on the last day  and  “Special teaching sessions are provided  in the mornings on selected topics by experienced examiners.

Station 1: Respiratory system and Abdominal system
Station 2: History taking skills
Station 3: Cardiovascular system and Central Nervous system
Station 4: Communication skills and Ethics
Station 5: Integrated Clinical Assessment

Mock Exam on the last day

Duration – 4 days

MRCP PACES Course Dates: – 1, 2, 3 and 4 October 2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

Course commences at 8.00am (Except Day 1 – 7.15am) and finishes at 5.00pm with a lunch break from 1 pm to 2 pm

Course Venue:- KIMS Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala, India.

MRCP PACES Course Timetable:-

Day 1 (1st October, Tuesday)

Start -7.15 am

7.15 to 8.30am.Confirmation of registration and introduction

Morning Presentations: 8.30 to 10.30 (40 minutes each)

  • Guidance and advice on new marking system
  • Approach to Station 2 – History taking skills
  • Video presentation of Neurology examination

Session A :-  (11.00 am to 01.00 pm) Demonstration of correct examination techniques and presentation skills for each system – By the teaching faculty

Lunch – 1.00 – 2.00 pm

Afternoon: –

Session B :- (2.00 to 5.00 pm) MRCP PACES Station 2: History taking skills

Candidates practice history taking skills in front of an examiner and each candidate gets a chance to present and be assessed. In addition, during these sessions, candidates will also have the opportunity to observe the performance of other members of their group with different scenarios.

Day 2 (2nd October,  Wednesday)

Start – 8.00 am

Morning Presentations: 8.00 to 8.45 am

Approach to communication skills

Session C :- ( 9.00 am to 01.00 pm) MRCP PACES Station 1: Respiratory system and Abdominal system

Carefully selected cases with different diagnoses relevant to the PACES exam will be arranged in multiple stations. Candidates will take turns to examine and present their findings to an examiner and observe other candidates examining. Constructive criticism on technique and presentation including strength and weaknesses.

Lunch:– 1.00 – 2.00 pm

Afternoon:– Session D :- (2.00 to 5.00 pm)  MRCP PACES Station 4: Communication skills and ethics (2.00 to 5.00 pm)

Candidates get trained in communication skills and ethics scrutinised and advised by trained examiners. Opportunity to observe different scenarios encountered by other members in your group are additional benefits.

Day 3 (3rd October, Thursday)

Start – 8.00 am

Morning presentation – 8.00 to 8.45

Approach to Station 5

Session E :- (9.00 to 1.00) MRCP PACES Station 3: Cardiovascular system and Central Nervous system (9.00 to 1.00)  Same pattern as morning session on day 2, with a good spread of CVS and CNS cases.

Lunch :– 1.00 – 2.00 pm

Afternoon: –

Session F :- (2.00 to 5.00 pm)  MRCP Station 5: Integrated Clinical Assessment

Strict timing, assessment and feedback with real cases    and surrogates as proposed by Royal College will be utilized.

Day 4 (4th October, Friday) 

Morning presentations – From 8.00 am: Video on Neurology examination, Presentations/interactions

Session G: – ( 8.30 am to 5.00pm)   Mock exams

A Mock exam will be provided to each candidate with –  1 room with two clinical station cases, 2nd room with one case of communication skills and the 3rd room with 2 station 5 cases.  Results of the exam will be announced immediately after the mock exam with feedback on performance from the examiners.

* Candidates should bring along their own stethoscope.
* The course fee includes tea/coffee and  buffet lunch